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Family outings

Yes, everybody has heard about Pont du Gard. However, who really knows what exactly this bolt from the blue is ? What was its purpose ? Who was once able to achieve this feat? And what did it become during the Middle Age or the Renaissance ? Above all else, what kind of magic left this monument mostly intact 2000 years after its construction ?

School outings

Whatever the level of education, the Pont du Gard can offer you an original and vivid understanding of a subject ...


Are you a teacher? At the Pont du Gard, two professors of history and geography with you so you can send to your best knowledge. All in a dream!

Leisure center : a full program

Organize your day trips to the Pont du Gard with the help of our activity centre. A full program of activities is available for children aged five and up, based on the themes of water, stone and the Mediterranean landscape.