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Walks and hiking

The Pont du Gard invites you to discover the remains of its aqueduct and enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean landscape. The walking routes are part of the GR and PR network of trails.

Visit the Pont du Gard site: walks and hiking

Explore the natural wealth of the site…

A hiking trail takes you across the entire remains of the aqueduct. over a distance of 3.5 km. The trail has different circuits so hikers can select their preferred level of difficulty.

Le sentier de l'aqueduc (Stéphane Barbier)

Discover the astonishing remains of the Pont Rou awalk by the series of Valive arches, pass the Pont du Gard and finish your journey at the Sartanette valley. Viewing points on both banks offer different, spectacular perspectives of the bridge, set in its stunning natural surroundings. This trail is a great way to take in the beauty of the area. Dive into a mosaic of colour, combining natural wonders with the Garrigue, bordered by dry stone walls and the holly oak forests.

Experienced hikers will be pleased to find an official local hiking trail (PR), marked with a yellow line. This allows you to end up at the Gardon Gorges or to make a circuit and come back over the Garrigue, through forested valleys. This path will also lead you past the Pont du Gard.

Fermeture des GR-PR

The various hiking trails

  • The aqueduct trail : A 3.5 km walk through the site, along the aqueduct’s path, with numerous viewing points.
  • Mémoires de Garrigue : Discover the beauty of the Mediterranean landscape along a signposted 1.4 km path.
  • Walk along the Pont du Gard : This walk is suitable for people of all levels of fitness, including people with disabilities. It can be accessed from the visitor centres on both left and right banks.
  • Cycle path from the Eure at Uzès to the Pont du Gard site : Follow the aqueduct’s course along the walkways and paths. The trail is marked by signposts.
  • Cycle path from Remoulins to the right bank of the Pont du Gard site.

Planned trails…

  • The Pont du Gard Green Lane project, from Beaucaire to the Pont du Gard site. One section of this trail has already been built, a second is under construction.
  • Local Hiking Scheme : This is a communal project being built for the local communities around the Pont du Gard. The aim is to create a signposted 330 km route covering the whole area. It will run past the Pont du Gard site. 
  • This project has a number of goals :  
    • To increase the number of outdoor activities and hiking options,
    • To add value to our national heritage ,
    • To ensure that our natural spaces are well maintained ,
    • To increase access to the site. 

Why not try horse-riding or canoeing ?

The many great hiking trails now available at the Pont du Gard are a fantastic way to explore the site on foot. Those seeking a more unique experience can now discover the area on our recently organized horseback and cycling trails.

Horse-riding at the site

In conjunction with the Pont du Gard site, the 'Association des Meneurs d’Attelage' offers a horseback walk between April and October, which will allow you to explore a section of the aqueduct's remains.

Activities take place on two or three days every week, usually at the weekend. Fees: adults €5, children under 4 €3. For information and reservations, please contact the Pont du Gard site.

Randonnée à cheval (Pont du Gard)

Around the Pont du Gard site

You will find many sporting activities on offer : These include canoeing, kayaking, caving, via ferrata and more.