A unique place for school's outings

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A unique place for school's outings

Pont du Gard, world ancient heritage monument: a must-see! Pont du Gard is not only major Unesco World Heritage monument but an ideal environment for educating pupils.

School outings : A 72-acre discovery ground

Animation scolaire au Pont du Gard (Yann De Fareins)

Discovery spaces fitted for educational purposes

In order to best introduce this Roman monument and its Mediteranean environment to teachers and pupils, our youth department have created packages specifically designed for your needs. These packages provide an unguided visit to the monument and all museographic spaces. Regardless of age, level of knowledge, field or language, our interactive multimedia facilities, recreational activities and creative learning situations will turn children into real explorers and provide an exciting environment for children to learn!

A thematical day involves :

  • awakening activities for 5-7 years old
  • discovery activities for 8-12 yo
  • extension activities for over 12 yo

Atelier scolaires (Yann de Fareins)

Three different ways to explore at the discovery spaces of Pont du Gard :

“The story of Pont du Gard and the Roman acquaduct of the Ancient city of Nîmes” is revealed in the extensive Museum. This 2500m² interpretive center highlights the role of water and urban life during Ancient Rome. It also focuses on the aqueducts construction, operation and its second life.

LUDO is a playful and educational world specifically designed by museographists from the Cité des Enfants de la Villette, Paris, for 5 to 10 year-old children. It offers four thematics: Travel through Ancient Rome time, archaeology, nature and the role of water.

Mémoires de Garrigue : this ethnobotanical trail reveals the impact of Humans on Mediterranean nature.

A multidisciplinary treasure

Our rich and varied thematics (history, environment, archaelogoly and Roman civilization) share a link with many school subjects such as vocabulary, history, biology, foreign languages (German, French and Spanish), Roman language, physics, mathematics, the arts and more!

Visite scolaire au Pont du Gard (Pont du Gard)

Enhance your visit at the Resource center

If you wish to continue your learning experience visit the Resource center located at the junction of the discovery spaces. Visitors of all ages will be able to access more information and on the topics they enjoyed the most, for free!

Languedoc Roussillon’s monument most visited by school children.

Each year Pont du Gard welcomes around 40 000 children, which makes it Languedoc Roussillon’s favourite destination for youth groups .

Practical information
  • Pre-visit :

A preliminary visit can be arranged on request for teachers to assist them in organizing their outing.

  • Partnerships :

The IUFM DE Nîmes in cooperation with IUFM’s teachers: we raise teachers’ awareness of our thematics and activities.

La Cité des sciences et de l'industrie de la Villette for thematical and touring exhibitions.


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