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Sud de France & Qualité Tourisme

Pont du Gard holds two quality certifications: « Qualité Sud de France » and « Qualité Tourisme ».

The « Qualité Tourisme » label

Labels ( Sud de France & Qualité Tourisme)As a visitor attraction Pont du Gard holds the « Qualité Tourisme » quality label since 2009. This label was awarded by Région Languedoc Roussillon and CRT Languedoc Roussillon, two leading regional authorities. Pont du Gard also holds the “Qualité Tourisme” trademark which was issued by the Délégation Régionale au Tourisme (Languedoc Roussillon’s tourism delegation).

A quality seal for the visitors

These certifications guarantee that Pont du Gard commits to the “Qualité Tourisme” charter by offering quality and professional services to all visitors, groups, schools and families and by promoting the identity of the region. Pont du Gard participates in a regional dynamic with one of its preferred partners the Conseil Régiona, and shows its commitment to ensure customer satisfaction through a label recognized nationally.

Since Pont du Gard has become the region’s most visited attraction, its management and politics have focused on tourism and the development of sustainability in order to reconcile the large amount of visitors with its conservation. These goals highlight Pont du Gard’s leading role in the region’s economic development which depends to a large extent on tourism.

Bâtiment Rive Gauche - Architecte : Jean-Paul Viguier (Pont du Gard)

* The “Qualité Sud de France” label was created by Région Languedoc Roussillon and developed by CRT Languedoc Roussillon in cooperation with various partners. Its purpose is to promote and support tourism professionals in offering quality services and improving client satisfaction.
This quality label has been recognized at a national scale by the official institution “Plan Qualité Tourism” which unites under its banner of politics for quality tourism in France.
Source : CRT Languedoc-Roussillon

*The « Qualité Tourisme » trademark
Improving the image of France, creating jobs and developing the tourism sector have become top priorities for tourism professionals which have decided to unite under the state’s banner. The national plan (Plan Qualité Tourisme) launched by the French government in September 2003 gave birth to a quality charter as well as the “Qualité Tourisme” trademark. Thanks to rigorous state monitoring “Qualité Tourisme” helps professionals to improve the quality of their services and raise customers’ satisfaction. Issued by the French Tourism Minister the “Qualité Tourisme” trademark is a real quality seal.
Source : www.qualite-tourisme.gouv.fr