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Shops & souvenirs

If you feel like browsing through aisles of beautiful products and taking in the scents and scenery of the Mediterranean, then don’t miss our shops.

Shopping and souvenirs at the Pont du Gard

Here you have a selection of the best local craft work, cosmetics, gastronomic treats and decorative items, all typical of the south of France and its relaxed lifestyle.

You will find one of our boutique  on the left bank. Each has its own specialities, all selected to match the Pont du Gard’s recurring themes: water, ancient Roman times, Provence, archaeology, leisure and the Mediterranean landscape.

An afternoon at the Pont du Gard

If you’re enjoying a walk on the left bank, let Un Après-Midi au Pont du Gard transport you to a world of scents and visual delights. Our shop is dedicated to products that capture the spirit and culture of Provençal tradition. Find beautiful summer hats, beach towels, picnic items, novels, outdoor games, confectionery, cards and much more… Take a moment to relax in our calm, sunny space. We aim to offer a welcome break to young and old visitors alike. Children will enjoy our selection of comics, novels, games and souvenirs from the site.

The Pont du Gard shop

Boutiques du Pont du Gard (Yann de Fareins)

If you enjoyed your visit to Pont du Gard and wish to take a visual memento home with you, then come and take a tour of our new Boutique du Pont du Gard. Here you will discover a variety of themed clothes and items (like cards, notepads and fashion accessories) that will remind you of your visit to this magnificent site. Collectors' items relating to temporary exhibits can also be found here.