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River Rendez-vous

At the Pont du Gard, summer rhymes with "Let’s meet up at the river". From mid-June onwards, the site’s beaches will be set up on the Gardon's right bank, 200 metres from the Pont du Gard itself.

Swimming : Let’s meet up at the River 

Summer at the Pont du Gard

Meetings on the River are wonderful holiday fun. As summer approaches, the landscape around the Pont du Gard transforms into a veritable haven of freshness and peace, open to all who love river banks. Beaches are set up to welcome visitors and locals alike, for family and friends who come to take advantage of a summer filled with leisure activities and relaxation. For children, every consideration has been take into account: they can enjoy a specially set up educational area and swim at a monitored section of the beach.

Rendez-vous à la rivière (Stéphane Barbier)

The result of a flood

Following the 2002 floods, the appearance of the beaches was completely transformed. The banks of the Gardon, which used to be rich in vegetation, became rocky. A plan to recreate beaches on the riverbank was conceived by Nez-Haut, the agency behind Paris-Plage.

Excellent beach equipment

Rendez-vous à la rivière (Stéphane Barbier)Since 2004, a temporary installation has been set up every year. Simple wooden structures and rafts sit at the water’s edge. Here, visitors and locals alike can come to soak up the sun. Those wanting to remain protected from the sun will find covered rafts. All in all, we have done everything to ensure that all visitors can enjoy a spot of relaxation among the stunning surroundings of the Pont du Gard.