Rendez-vous at the river

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Rendez-vous at the river

July 1st 2012 to August 31st 2012
"Rendez-vous à la rivière" (Down by the river): July and August 2012. Beach huts set up for the comfort of visitors at the Pont du Gard.

Rendez-vous à la rivière" (Down by the river): July and August 2012

How about spending quality time with family and friends on the banks of the river at the foot of the Pont du Gard? Every summer, beaches equipped with huts (designed by the Nez-Haut agency behind Paris Plage) are set up on the right bank of the Gardon river.

Rendez-vous à la rivière (J-M Cazenove)
Wooden huts allow guests to enjoy the Gardon and the sunshine without a care in the world, since they offer something for everyone. Those who love to sunbathe can stretch out on simple wooden benches or on rafts right at the water's edge. Those who want to enjoy the good weather while sheltering from the sun can find shade a little further away, on rafts with a canvas roof. And if it's really too hot, right at the back, against the right bank's supporting wall, you'll find a cool, refreshing retreat with shady trees, rafts, and wooden or wicker furniture.

A fully equipped playground has been set up for children since 2010.