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July 9th 2015 to July 10th 2015
The "LIVES AU PONT" contemporary music festival, staged at the foot of this colossal Roman masterpiece, has already been running for 5 years.

A festival that is unlike any other

Following on from the success of the first few years, the Lives au Pont du Gard Festival continues with its work, promoting respect for the artistic vision chosen and spirit of the place.

This elegant festival, with its popular, packed programme, enjoys a particular advantage: namely, its undeniably magical setting. Every year, the stage and the numerous artists who preside over the event, stand facing this mythical setting, which towers 50m above the winding river.

More than ten contemporary artists from France and abroad, up-and-coming artists, experienced groups and local talents from the world of pop, hip-hop and electro music are invited to take part in a coherent and original programme of musical events.

Hip hop, trip hop and dubstep will be on the agenda for Thursday 9th July. Soul, folk, rock, pop and electro are the main music trends for Friday 10th July.

"Lives au Pont" is a festival like no other. Six artists, including solo performers, groups and DJs will perform live each evening from 7pm to 2am. This lengthy programme means that spectators can fully enjoy the site. They can listen to the concerts as the sun sets, enjoy the beach along the banks of the Gardon, stroll around the bridge, have a drink on the restaurant terrace or simply stretch out on the grass, under the trees etc.

Festival LIVES AU PONT 2015 (Tabas - Cédric Malo)


Thursday 9th July 2015 – an evening of hip-hop, trip-hop and dubstep

  • CYPRESS HILL known as the first Latino superstar hip-hop group.
  • The PAROV STELAR BAND, the leading European Electroswing band! This Austrian DJ (real name, Marcus Füreder) elegantly mixes retro tracks to produce fresh, modern dancefloor gems.
  • KAYTRANADA, musician, producer and DJ, billed as one of tomorrow's great stars
  • BRODINSKI, revered as the "wonder-kid" of the electro scene,

Friday 10th July 2015 – pop-rock-electro evening

  • LILLY WOOD & THE PRICK: unabashed, disillusioned, melancholy but playful pop music.
  • BRIGITTE, a musical extravaganza, with floating, glamorous, sensual harmonies, conducive to dance, and rhythmic, colourful compositions that evoke the work of Diana Ross, Donna Summer and Roy Ayers etc.
  • TEN WALLS, The great revelation of 2014 with his hit "Walking with Elephants." Ten Walls will unveil his new 2015 hit during a live performance, incorporating a video installation. A constantly evolving, great act from the world of electro music.