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DOMUS by Compagnie Kaiopoli

April 30th 2015 to May 2nd 2015
Every Spring, for the last 8 years, the Pont du Gard Site, in partnership with the Pole National des Arts du Cirque (National Centre for Circus Arts) and the ATP d’Uzès et de l’Uzège (Theatre Organization) have staged an original performance or major contemporary circus show, CIRQUE AU PONT.


Show co-produced by La Verrerie d’Alès Pôle national des arts du cirque Languedoc –Roussillon (National Centre for circus arts, Languedoc- Roussillon), the Etablissement Public du Pont du Gard (Pont du Gard Public Institution), co-hosted by the ATP d’Uzès et de l’Uzège (Theatre Organisation).

How can you live peacefully in a house filled with objects, many of which exasperate the house's residents who end up becoming enslaved by them? And when technology replaces collaboration, when speech disappears, then anything can happen etc. Such is the theme of this show, a show which combines circus and theatre, in which a couple, who are polar opposites, find themselves in a variety of situations, sometimes ridiculous, sometimes surreal but always funny. This is a slightly crazy house, filled with unusual objects; you'll find immobile animals that delight the man or plastic flowers that she particularly likes but he really doesn't.

But this "best of all worlds," as portrayed by KA_DOME, quickly reveals its limitations and gradually the two protagonists become aware of the superficiality and illusory aspect of this excessive materiality as well as the damaging consequences that this has for their relationship. They also begin to gain some insight into the potential offered by a world that is no longer solely governed by the possession of useless objects.

The show is designed to be a family friendly, fun and unifying event, based on a story that is both simple and thought-provoking. Timeless musical accompaniment will provide an effective backdrop to this universal story. And since this is intended as a kind of "warm-up" event, audience participation will be called for at times.