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Ludo is an unmissable museum dedicated to educational activities for children aged 5 to 12. Families and school groups alike are welcome to come and enjoy its four great discovery workshops!

Ludo: educational activities for children aged 5-12

Of all the museum spaces on the Pond du Gard site, Ludo is the one unmissable destination for educational activities for young visitors aged 5 to 12.

Ludo – Child’s Play !

Conceived as a way to arouse intellectual curiosity and questioning, Ludo presents itself as 600 square metres of games and discovery. With its straightforward and hands-on approach, it allows 5 to 12 year-olds to throw themselves into the discovery of ancient times. Keen observation skills, imagination and analysis are all brought into play during this fascinating journey !

A variety of themes, guaranteed discoveries!

Whether as a family or as part of a school group, take an hour out of your trip to come and experience the Ludo’s four themes :

  • Journey into the past. Become a vegetable-seller or a Gallo-Roman schoolboy and discover the habits and everyday items of a time that was, perhaps, not so different from ours…
  • Control water. Using various tools and techniques, you will learn how to control water and understand the difficulties facing the invention and construction of a hydraulic work like the Nîmes aqueduct.
  • Find evidence of the past.. Slip into the shoes of an archaeologist and go out searching. Dig for clues and use them to understand how people lived in the past.
  • Observe nature. . This theme invites you to learn how to recognize the site's wildlife – both flora and fauna – and how to respect its environment.

Espace de découverte - LUDO (Yann de Fareins)

Throughout the visit, you will be accompanied by Tom the rabbit and Alice the little girl, our two mascot guides.

An educational goal

The objective of the Ludo space is to give children a number of tools they can use to explore the Pont du Gard site more deeply. They can compare old ways of life with their own and go beyond the specific case of the Nîmes aqueduct to gain a more general understanding of Roman civilization, of hydraulic techniques and archaeology...

This interactive exhibition allows a child to experience what it was really like to be here. They will see how to manipulate and direct flowing water in a canal, and how to reconstruct a mosaic. They will be able to visit Roman baths and study objects in a laboratory as an archaeologist would.

Halfway between play and experimentation, fun and learning, Ludo’s educational activities aim to create a bond between the child and their historical and environmental heritage.