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Each season, the temporary exhibitions area at Pont du Gard plays host to a number of exhibits, along with a programme of activities that combine the arts with the history of this special place.

Temporary exhibitions

As a cradle of history and archaeology, the Pont du Gard has become over time a place of artistic influence, inspiring numerous painters, writers and poets.

At a crossroads of the arts

Over the past few years, the site has established itself as a cultural hotspot. By opening a temporary exhibitions area, the site has been able to connect the past to the present through a variety of exhibits. Every new season brings a fresh opportunity for curious visitors to discover astonishing works, grouped around a common theme

Imagine the life of a painter… Trace the site's evolution from Roman times to the present… Learn more about the Garrigue through a series of astounding photographs…

Whichever art form is displayed, the Pont du Gard invites you on a historical and intellectual journey.

Salle d'exposition rive gauche (Marc Dantan)

To visit is good – to discover is even better !

Those who enjoy the aesthetic merits of these exhibits may wish to immerse themselves further in the experience. To this end, our team has prepared a rich programme of activities, to take place throughout the period of the exhibition. With activities including conferences and guided tours, this programme will certainly be of great interest to an art lover as well as to the intellectually curious visitor of the Pont du Gard.