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Education materials

The Pont du Gard site provides teachers with a multitude of resources to enhance their visit.

The education department is working closely with the DAAC of Montpellier's local educational authorities.

Two teachers, Damian Ortega, and Sylvie Borrelly, set available by the Ministry of Education, and professors of History-geography, are involved in developing the content of educational projects, whether for an one-day program or for several days (self-guided tours or themed tours). They are also involved in developing the accompanying documents for teachers and pupils.

Espace de découverte - LUDO (Yann de Fareins)

Resources available to teachers :

For pupils :

Visit the museum spaces with the help of our downloadable "Vademecum" leaflets.

Each Vademecum leaflet corresponds to a different age group and program.

Primary school (stage 2) :

Ludo : Vademecum 1a1

Ludo, Mémoires de Garrigue (Into the Countryside) : Vademecum 1f

Mémoires de Garrigue (Into the Countryside) : Vademecum 1m

Primary school (stage 3) :

Musée : Vademecum 2a1

Ludo, Ciné : Vademecum 2a2

Ludo, Ciné, Musée : Vademecum 2a3

Musée, Ciné, Ludo, Mémoires de Garrigue : Vademecum 2f

Mémoires de Garrigue (Into the Countryside) : Vademecum 2m

Secondary school :

Musée (Into the Countryside): Vademecum 3a1

Musée, Mémoires de Garrigue (Into the Countryside): Vademecum 3f

Mémoires de Garrigue : Vademecum 3m

For teachers :

Sign up at the space dedicated to teachers in order to benefit a more complete collection.

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